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Real tapered haircuts for real men in 15 minutes

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Barber Dan is only the fourth barber to work at 128 South Main Street in Zelienople since 1911. The original barber was Bill Kloffenstein from 1911 to 1957 and was followed by Sam Hartmann until 1967. Bill Eppinger completely remodeled the shop in 1967 and then sold the barbershop to Barber Dan in 2004. The shop was refreshed in 2004 and again in 2020.

The local barbershop is where we identify challenges we all face and look for remedies we can all live with. Barber Dan will gladly talk about local sports, classic cars, and Zelie’s Main Street attractions.

Over 90% of our haircuts are conveniently booked online with email confirmations and reminders. You can also book by phone at (724)452 8220. Walk ins are given the next available time.

Barber Dan’s is where real men can get a real tapered haircut in only fifteen minutes.

The history of Barber Dan’s is the story of Bill Eppinger learning the barber trade from his father Hugh Eppinger who learned the trade from Uncle Leban. Bill Eppinger taught his stepson Dan Fritch the trade. Barber Bill does the early morning shift from 7 am to 10 am Wednesday through Saturday and Barber Dan is there the rest of the day.



Men's Haircuts


Seniors (65 & Retired)


Boy's Haircut (6th Grade & Under)




Barber Dan's Opinions on, well...anything.



Phone: (724)452-8220


128 South Main Street

Zelienople, PA 16063


Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday : 8am - 6pm

Wednesday : 7am - 6pm

Thursday : 12pm - 7pm

Friday : 10am - 6pm

Saturday : 9am - 4pm